what is a targeted individual?

Is it me or is it them

The lust for control and power is it them or is it me, fighting for something to have dominance over meanwhile what am i fighthing for, control and power to feel back in my mind? The nature and characteristics of this human, whats material and whats an object like a toy to play with, what makes u human. Do i look like a discected frog or a lab rat, most importantly did i sign up for this. Sometimes reminiscing is like looking back and seeing this as fate, as if this was supposed to happen. While i sit here now, like this doesn’t deserve to happen, not to me, not to anyone. i could think of anyone pedos, crooks, killers, a person who has done degrading things to other human beings and say GOTDAMN nobody deserves this. It’s hard to distance these perps as humans when they have very human characteristics, they laugh, they joke, they respond, they sin, they judge, like regular people so what gets me is reminding myself that on earth they live and breathe the same air as people, but in their mind they have to obtain power and control, thinking this gets them off, as a way to cater to their sick agenda in a cultish way not realizing they are in fact the sheep, not us.

Submitted by The Targeted Poet


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